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Debra L Fisher


Debra L Fisher | Owner/Broker

Debbie is an innovative go-getter who bought her first home, a 3 unit apartment house, the year she graduated high school. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, it was a natural step to enter into the real estate industry. As your local Hometown Realtor, specializing in the Finger Lakes Region, she has a proven records working with buyers and sellers, where she goes above and beyond for her clients every day. Prior to opening her own brokerage, Debbie was taken under the wings of two well respected real estate professionals, who molded her and gave her insight into the fulfilling career, which she has taken to the next level. Debbie Fisher Hometown Realty, LLC, opened in 2011. By 2014, the brokerage had bought the DeBaere Block on the corner of Church & Main St. located southwest corner of the stoplight in downtown Phelps. After a family tragedy, she moved her office to her home where she could nurture her son through his recovery and still continue to foster the needs of her clients. Amazing woman! As a very selective broker, she chooses quality over quantity in her Real Estate Salesperson staff. It’s not about having as many agents as she can solicit, it’s about finding agents with the same mind set as herself. She likes being unique, she likes being independent, she is non-scripted, and that is why everyone who works with her and for her loves her! Her expectation of confidentiality, integrity, honesty and the practice that your word means everything has been embraced by her entire office! She has hand-picked eager, dedicated, knowledgeable agents who she helps educate as professionals representing themselves and the brokerage. Everyone is family, everyone is treated like family, and everyone’s life as they move to the next phase is handled like they are family. Offering info meetings on buying, selling, grant programs, economic efficiency home ownership, and many more, continues to serve the clients. Debbie prides herself on honest, ethical practices, being up to date on financing options, market trends, and the process itself with ever changing regulations. You are not a number when you choose to work with Debbie or any of her staff, they are with you every step of the way!