Title Insurance

The documents involved in title research will be reviewed by your attorney. It’s true that properties that have changed hands before, generally don’t have major title issues, but you can never know for sure without a thorough reading and understanding of the documents involved.

There are also restrictions and covenants revealed in your Title Binder or Commitment package that your attorney analyzes your title insurance binder will include the latest documents as recorded at the courthouse.

Any covenants and restrictions in these documents that may restrict your use of the property will be identified. In New York State, the attorney handles the Title Insurance. The only time the Real Estate Professional is involved is if the attorney for our client makes us aware of what the “hold up” is for closing. We at Debbie Fisher Hometown Realty LLC are committed to helping rectify title issues and offer assistance to the attorneys and will act on their direction to facilitate document signing, visiting neighbors on boundary line issues and so forth.

Most of the benefit of title insurance comes from protection from threats to your ownership or things that come up about property lines or encroachments.

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